who is

trxstxssx is an electronic music producer from Bloemfontein, South Africa. Coming from a small town in the Northern Cape, the idea of making music was rather absurd and frowned upon. trxstxssx has made more than 33 projects in 3 years. Finding his love for electronic music in 2014 led trxstxssx to explore sounds and soundscapes in the ambient/downtempo genre. Influences like Aphex Twin, Pink Floyd, Kanye West, George Clanton and Frank Ocean merged a diverse sound for him as it combined quite a few different styles of music. Earlier in 2020, he released his debut EP under the alias trxstxssx called RECOLLECTION.

RECOLLECTION saw trxstxssx delve into an explosion of sounds and samples. The EP focused on memories coming and going, never being perfect, and always finding something wrong with everything.

To sum up, trxstxssx is a music lover with a passion for making something that matters and stays behind when he is no longer here. Nothing more, nothing less.

pronounced TRISTESSE or ('tris-tess')